7. Star Wars 1313 (PC, PS4, X1)


One of the most high-profile games to ever be cancelled, Star Wars 1313 was supposed to be one of the first games to show what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could really do. Focusing on a young, pre-Sarlacc'd Boba Fett, 1313 definitely appeared to follow the "cinematic" action game template. Those types of experiences might seem like old hat in 2015, but if anything could rip off Uncharted and get away with it, it's Star Wars.

The whole thing was set on a sublevel under the surface of the city-planet Coruscant, a dense and menacing hive that puts the scum and villainy of Mos Eisley to shame. The concept art alone inspires the imagination -- I have never wanted to explore the back alley of a dangerous slum so badly.


Though Boba Fett doesn't really do much in the movies, it'd be interesting to finally see how he hearned his galaxy-class badass reputation. Unfortunately, Disney's acquisition of LucasArts put the kibosh on the whole thing. Hopefully those rumors of a revival are true; in the meantime, fans will have to be content with EA's new Star Wars: Battlefront for their Rodian-blasting needs. 


8. Battle of the Sith Lords (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Honestly, we could probably have filled out an entire article with sadly cancelled Star Wars games and STILL have had plenty left over - but we'll try to limit ourselves to just a few. While Star Wars 1313 got all the attention (thanks to that ridiculously great Nathan Drake-esque gameplay footage), it's hard not to look at the cancelled Darth Maul game as an equal tragedy.

While a lot of the game seems like a sad reminder that we actually played The Force Unleashed 2, it looks like it would have solved a LOT of the Starkiller games' issues - no being hamstrung by the canon of the original trilogy, you were just a straight-up evil badass Sith Lord, running around with your dual-bladed lightsaber, lopping off heads and finally getting to play as the one character the Prequel Trilogy objectively got right (pretty rare that a Star Wars character's biggest issue is that there's not enough of him). Although, technically, this would have been a descendant or clone of Maul, since a story was proposed by George Lucas himself that would team up Maul with a guy that wouldn't be alive for another 200 years after Maul's demise.

Sadly, the game was chopped before it even had the chance to make much of an impression. An appropriate fate for a Darth Maul game.