4chan raids of Twitch streams aren't anything new, but they ARE starting to get a lot more interesting for whatever reason.

Today's "what the hell" Twitch raid story is the weird tale of a RustbinGames, who - after being raided by 4chan - decided to follow every last instruction given to him by the internet's most impulsive hivemind. Everything from:

  • Putting on lipstick to look like the Joker
  • Telling his dad about his (non-existent) gay boyfriend
  • Putting on eyeliner
  • Putting on a bra and dress
  • Sending pictures of himself in a dress and makeup to his dad
  • Eating a whole onion (like an apple)
  • Putting the onion in his eye
  • ...and more. So much more. Dear god.

The lesson here is: don't listen to 4chan. Why would you even consider listening to 4chan???