The  "ginjika" phenomena started in Japan when otaku artists began to turn their favorite things like pokemon, cars, and electronics into cute anime girls. Eventually the word expanded in American fan art and cosplay circles to include any non-human characters re-imagined into an anthropomorphized form. We've featured a LOT of pokemon gijinkas in previous galleries, but there's more cosplayers dressing up as increasingly improbable characters with the help of a lot of sewing and a bit of imagination.


1. Toothless by Byndo Gehk

undefinedPhotographer: John Jiao


2. Amaterasu (Okami series) by gaghielart

photo credit: Fotografias Fernando


3. Sega Saturn Gal via



4. Sonic the Hedgehog by Vera Baby

photo credit: Tabercil


5. Leonardo by Stella Chuu

photo credit: Anna Fischer