In case you forgot just how soon the new Daredevil show was coming out, Marvel just released a 90-second teaser for the Netflix series. The grim tone definitely evokes the classic comics from Frank Miller/Klaus Janson, along with the later Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev take on the character. 

The classic red suit doesn't appear in the trailer, so what we've got is more of a training suit -- a Daredevil Begins, if you will. The matching black mask and sweatpants look actually dates back to the comics, and believe it or not, it's not the first time that suit has appeared on TV. 


On the right is the last live-action TV version of Daredevil in the small-screen flick The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. You might remember that with fondness, but trust me, it hasn't aged well. I want the DD series to be good so bad, but for it to do so would be breaking a mold that hardened long ago. No matter what people keep telling me about The Flash, there hasn't ever been a good live-action superhero TV show, ever. I don't mean stuff like Arrow and Smallville which is "pretty good for CW" -- I mean genuinely great live-action television that involves a licensed crimefighter. 

We need a Breaking Bad of superhero TV shows, and if anyone can do it, it's Marvel and Netflix. If they fail us here, well... I guess there's always Jessica Jones