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Remember The Mountain from Game of Thrones? Pretty strong dude, right? Like, he probably works out AT LEAST twice a week, by my estimates.

Anyways, the dude's actual name is Hafthór Björnsson and he just broke a strength record that had stood for ONE THOUSAND YEARS (plus, he's only 26 years old, just in case you wanted to feel way worse about your life accomplishments). Not content to just be the strongest man on a really good TV show, he's decided to become the strongest man IN THE PAST MILLENIUM.

Hafthór was competing in Norway's World's Strongest Viking competition (while the rest of us were struggling to lift the remote to turn on Netflix or something) when he wrecked the record that had been around almost 40 times longer than he has.

According to IronMind (a strength competition site that covered the event):

"The record has been described in the Icelandic Sagas. The legend of the Icelander Ormur Stórólfsson goes that he walked three steps with a monster wooden log which weighed over 650 kg and was 10 m long. It took 50 mere mortals to help him place it on his back. After he took his third step, his back broke under the enormous pressure and he was never the same after that!" 

In the legends, Ormur carried the crazy-heavy log 3 steps. Hafthór carried it 5.

Maybe it's time to stop underestimating this guy?


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