There's a reason why they're not called "Wonderpowers" or "Spiderheroes". This week, DC is trying to update the big blue boyscout's arsenal with the announcement of a NEW superpower, something that will join the iconic bag of tricks that includes strength, speed, flight, heat vision, and my personal favorite: "exceptionally cold blowing". The announcement came in the form of this handy infogrpahic released by DC Comics:




The Super Flare, what the heck does that mean? I'm guessing it's like some kind of DBZ "Solar Flare" thing to blind opponents? A flash of bright heat vision? Maybe this preview image from the upcoming issue will be more informative:



WOW. OK. Clark Kent now has the ability to go Super-Saiyan (super-kryptonian)? I guess it makes sense, Superman's powers are often explained as being stored solar energy within his cells. Pure speculation, but releasing all that yellow-sun juice (poor phrasing, bear with me) as a last-ditch desperation move could come in handy when facing cosmic-level foes. 




Seriously though, the hunched posture, the levitating hair, the superflous output of yellow energy... the dude is CLEARLY going Super Saiyan. Did DC finally come across all those "Superman Vs. Goku" videos on YouTube and felt insecure? Everybody keep an eye out if Green Lantern starts trying to learn the Fusion Dance, or maybe Batman will replace his batarangs with Destructo Disks. I guess I'll find out along with everyone else when Superman #28 hits the shelves. No matter what it is,it can't be any dumber than Silver Age powers like "Super Ventriloquism" or that weird "Amnesia Kiss" from Superman II.


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