2. Bryan Cranston


Bryan "The Cran-Man" Cranston is the stuff of TV legend, having portrayed one of the greatest dads in TV history (Hal in Malcolm in the Middle) and one of the WORST dads (Walter "STOP POISONING CHILDREN" White). But before all of that, he was popping up (sans goatee) all over the place on TV.


Walker, Texas Ranger


Before he was makin' meth and becoming a personality-Frankenstein, Bryan Cranston was running afoul of a different law agency: the Texas Rangers (specifically Walker, but the rest too). While the team relies on a psychic to help them find a missing kid, Heisenberg swoops in as the psychic's sleazy boyfriend, who sees this as an opportunity to get some cash and publicity AND BECOME KINGPIN OF THE NEW MEXICO PSYCHIC BOYFRIEND TRADE. Okay, not that last part, but definitely the first two things.


Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers


Bryan Cranston has guested not once, but TWICE on everyone's favorite show about attitude-filled teens destroying their hometown every week (due to moon-witch activities)...but, amazingly, never as an actual human being (or even as a character where you could see his face): each appearance was Bryan Cranston providing the voice of that week's monster - Snizard and Twinman, respectively.

And yes, Walter White does do stupid Power Ranger monster-style voices each time.




Sadly, we never got to see Bryan Cranston in a bikini on Baywatch, just this ugly de-sleeved sweatshirt.


The Flash

No, not the cool NEW Flash show, with all the fun nods to the comics and -- HOLY SHIT did they actually bring in Gorilla Grodd to this CW show?! Wow.

Anyways, nope, Bryan Cranston was in the less cool, cheaper 1990's version of The Flash, playing a dangerous fella whose wife tries to run away from him when she discovers he's actually an evil criminal. Him, being Bryan Cranston, is ACTUALLY DOING ALL OF THIS CRIME FOR HIS FAMILY, and he doesn't want to let them escape his grip. Unfortunately, that means he goes up against The Flash, and even Heisenberg can't compete against that kinda speed.


The X-Files


Vince Gilligan, the mastermind behind Breaking Bad (and the name that caused you to scream out in anger at the end of every episode, denoting you would have to wait at least another week to find out how Walt was gonna get out of this meth-picke), first hooked up with Bryan Cranston on The X-Files way back in the late 90s, in an episode called "Drive."

Cranston is (obviously) the bad guy of the episode (although he's not really a "bad guy" - moral ambiguity, Bryan Cranston's favorite thing) - a guy with an intense, unrelenting pressure in his head that can only be lessened by traveling West. He spends some time with Mulder, they talk a bit, and then his head explodes. All in all, a pretty solid ep.


3rd Rock From the Sun


Who else could play a weird, sleazy Neil Diamond impersonator for a riverboat casino? None but the one and only Bryan Cranston.