Earlier today, Ghostbusters 3 director Paul Feig tweeted this picture without any explanation:


(From top left to bottom right: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones)


Either these ladies are the new Ghostbusters or Paul Feig accidentally tweeted his epic Kill Fuck Marry list (and included a bonus person to just date for a while but never really commit to the relationship and break it off awkwardly through a text). We're forced to assume it's the former since Paul Feig announced he would direct an all-female Ghostbusters cast back in the fall. Feig has worked with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy before, and Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones regularly kill it on Saturday Night Live so we are officially very, very excited for this reboot. (Also, Bill Murray named two of these four women in his dream Ghostbusters 3 cast!)


And while there's very little info about what the film will actually be - more of a straight-up reboot, a remake, etc., here's how you can probably assume the parallels to the original cast will go:


Kristen Wiig as Peter Venkman


Wiig seems the likely candidate for the lead in the film - she can pull off the same self-deprecating charm as Bill Murray, and you just KNOW she's going to be doing a bunch of small side-characters in Wes Anderson films when she turns 60, right?


Melissa McCarthy as Ray Stantz


McCarthy could fill Dan Atkroyd's shoes nicely - both have perfected lovable-but-a-little-doofy personas essential for the role, and would be stellar at embarrassingly forced into admitting they summoned a giant evil marshmallow man bent on destruction.


Leslie Jones as Egon Spengler


It's the hair. Nailing the character of Egon is like 90% the hair. Also, Jones is great at the deadpan-ridiculousness so well-established by the late Harold Ramis.


Kate McKinnon as Winston Zeddemore


Oh, you thought we were gonna make Leslie Jones Winston, huh? HUH, YOU RACIST? Well, you're wrong. Kate McKinnon is Winston - while she's great at playing weird and wacky characters, she's also enormously great at playing the straight man to all the insanity - someone who was just looking for some work and accidentally got roped in to the paranormal exterminator business.


Meryl Streep as Slimer


God, Meryl Streep is SO GOOD. She could really play anything, right? So talented.



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