After years of speculation, we've finally got a teaser for Fox's mysterious Fantastic Four reboot. The trailer follows a familiar format, with an ominous narrator foreshadowing future events over a highlight reel comprised mostly of the first half hour of the movie. The few glimpses we do get of the transformed heroes in action are brief and unclear. Overall, it's definitely a different tone than Fox's last shot at Marvel's first family, hewing closer to the dark and gritty than the colorful antics of Jessica Alba and Chris Evans. 

"Be ready for what's coming," one character says. "What is coming?" Reed asks. In terms of the movie itself, it's hard to say at this point. But I think we're all interested to find out.

And before we get too up-in-arms over the weird-grimdark tone or the dumb way they're spelling the title ("The Fantfourstic"), let's at least be grateful that Ben Grimm isn't being forced to wear pants and basically be Michael Chiklis covered in styrofoam: