While scientists and philosophers are debating whether AI is going to end the world or just be super cool, there's an artist collective raising money for future "nonhuman members." Just in case they're cool.

If video game bad guys enjoy moshing to a chiptune soundtrack for eternity, then they're set. But if it turns out they HATE that sh*t, nonhumans.net is selling prints that are plotted from their on-screen movements. Proceeds are sealed away in a Bitcoin account that "nonhuman members" will have control of, whenever they're legally eligible.

undefined [Pictured Above: art.]

The idea is that computer programs (so far the project is limited to enemies in NES' The Legend of Zelda) spend all that time bouncing around to the tune of their programmed algorithm, so they oughta get something of it, right?


[Pictured Above: AAAAARRRRTTTTT.]


A tough concept to swallow, sure, but they have a pretty thorough FAQ. "I'm paying money to videogame enemies?" you may ask. No no, Silly-Billy Gumdrops! "You're putting money into a nest egg for them."


Crazy or no, this is a fascinating exploration of the nuances of AI, should it progress as rapidly as some are bracing for. Plus, those cats can sketch.