Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey is a skilled artist and stop-motion animator; so skilled, in fact, that the physical limitations of his meat body were holding back his art. He needed a more efficient way to communicate with his software from the set, quicker than mere walking. In his words:

"I had to have a Power Glove on my arm."

The glove has 3 major components. The programmable keypad, for controlling the stop-motion software:

Retractable tweezers on a magnetic pad, for replacing characters' facial expressions:

Fist-bump-activated audio, for brief human interaction:

Fittingly, the first scene he animated with his Power Glove was Shigeru Miyamoto triple-jumping into a hot tub with Bill Gates.

Check out the whole documentary below. And make sure to keep up with Markey on his Tumblr, Vimeo, and check out his 3D wire art.