7. The Hinterlands (Dragon Age: Inquisition)


Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of those rare fantasy epics that make you feel like you can do anything and go anywhere -- but it's not Skyrim. The problem is, DA:I's first major area certainly gives that impression. When you step into The Hinterlands, a huge expanse of forest and field expands into the horizon, you can almost hear that chorus of Dovahkiin chanting in the background.

As large as it is, it remains a starter area, filled with the kinds of beginner quests meant to ease you into the game. In the first few hours, your biggest hurdle is herding the magical ram Lord Woolsley back to his flock. 

The problem lies in how easy it is to get lost in The Hinterlands -- there's so much random stuff to do that it's easy to forget the fact that there are like a dozen other areas to explore in the land of Thedas. Out in the wild, the missions are much more diverse, the locales so much more varied than the pleasant blandness of Forest Mountainland. Seriously, look at all the other places you can go and things you can do.

You can fight your way through the zombie bog named The Fallow Mire in order to save some hostages...


You can travel all the way to the dusty Western Approach and take over forts and track down dragons... 


Hell, if you still want some greenery, you can check out the Emerald Graves, which is like a denser, more sinister version of The Hinterlands...


...and if you really want to, you can still herd a magical goat in the Exalted Plains. 

There are worlds and worlds to explore that are as big or bigger than that first area, but a lot of people will never see it beacuse it's so easy to burn out on those training wheels. It's not like The Hinterlands is overly difficult, but it does start the game off on the wrong foot. Take everyone's advice and leave The Hinterlands ASAP.


6. Atlantica (Kingdom Hearts I & II)


The world of The Little Mermaid is a no-brainer locale for the Disney/Square-Enix mashup Kingdom Hearts. Water levels in general usually blow, but if anything can make it better, it's a sassy Jamaican crab. It's too bad that the controls make navigating the ocean as a transformed mertween a real pain in the scaly part where a fish person's ass should be. 

Due to some unbelievable oversight, the same buttons that move you up and down in the water are also the same buttons that make you rocket forward like an idiot. It's like making the brake pedal on your car double as a NOS boost. Not only that, but the way that the buttons are mapped, you can't move the camera at the same time you swim up and down.

Somehow they made Atlantica even worse in Kingdom Hearts II.

It already feels like kind of a ripoff to return to Atlantica in the first place when there are so many unsung Disney universes, but to make it into an insipid musical minigame is just a dick move. It's true that this an optional side mission in KHII, but you have to complete it if you want the best weapon in the game.

I'll say it: Atlantica is worse than the Gummi Ship.