7. Monty Python is everywhere


George R.R. Martin wrote a pretty clear Monty Python nod in Dance with Dragons when someone mentions that the Unsullied "don't break and run when someone farts in their general direction," but the show is even more explicit with its references to the classic Holy Grail. 

In a scene you probably remember, Daario defends Daenerys from a Meereenese champion by cutting his head off using only his rugged good looks. But just before the confrontation, the surly champion hurls a few insults in the fictional language of Old Ghiscari. It sounds like gibberish to us, but according to the staff linguist, the champion is reciting familiar lines from Monty Python's French Knight, like "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries." I tried putting the same words into the Klingon version of Google translate, but it just came out as "I would like to take your stepmom to SeaWorld."

Though that one was pretty obscure, you didn't have to have a decoder ring to catch this Python reference during one of Davos' reading lessons.


Hearing her say "ka-niggit" like the French Knight would be funnier if it didn't seem like something you shouldn't say out loud in public. 

The show creators' love for Monty Python extends even to the sets; the Winterfell scenes in the first episode were shot at Scotland's Doune Castle, which doubles as the infamous Castle Anthrax. 


So fans may want to keep an eye out for more Python eggs in the coming seasons. If the keeps going as is, there's not going to be anyone left alive but the killer rabbits. 


6. One of these severed heads belongs to President George W. Bush


Everyone was pretty thrilled with Joffrey's death. Like, there was a parade. Every year on April 13, we celebrate Evil Boy King Death Day because Joffrey was that much of an irredeemable prick. It even dates back to the very first episode. Right after Ned was beheaded, Joff forced Sansa to gaze up at her own father's disembodied head, impaled on a spike next to a bunch of "traitors." If you look up "dick move" in the dictionary, this is right there in the examples, right below "Adding one dollar to someone else's bid on The Price is Right."

Though the head Sansa stares at is an off-center facismile of Ned Stark actor Sean Bean, the other heads are just sort of anonymous people who pissed off the Lannisters. Well, all except for one. 


Yep, as confirmed in the DVD commentary, that is in fact a fake head made to resemble former President George W. Bush, plus a sweet wig. To hear the creators tell it, it was just one of the heads they happened to have around, like a prop sword in the Iron Throne. You know how it is -- everyone has a James Garfield or Warren G. Harding mask that's just sitting in the closet, gathering dust. No sense in letting the severed head of a U.S. President go to waste.

It was just a matter of utility and no political statement was intended, but that didn't stop people from getting pissed off that W's head was on a pike in a TV show watched by millions of people. Since then, HBO edited the face substantially, but it now it just looks like Bush after a beehive fell on his face.

Still better than his self-portrait paintings. 

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