Okay - what is it exactly about Frozen that makes it so insanely appealing to kids? Seriously - anyone with kids (or access to the internet) are well-aware of how ridiculously popular the Disney animated musical about two sisters re-enacting the plot of The Day After Tomorrow is. All I know is "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" is basically meth to today's youth.

But NONE of those kids have anything on this kid - who experiences pure, unadulerated euphoria every single time an Elsa doll begins to sing "Let It Go" (and then becomes hopelessly miserable whenever she stops). It's sorta impossible to exactly describe with words what his reaction is, but it involves a very specific dance that involves turning away and raising one arm in the air:

You don't really need to watch the entire video, except to see the kid make the EXACT same ridiculously happy reaction every time the song starts playing. Seriously, when was the last time you were that happy about ANYTHING - let alone the SAME THING HAPPENING OVER AND OVER? We could all stand to learn something from this kid.