3. It isn't a new game - it's been out since July 2013


For a lot of people, they've only really been hearing about Game of War: Fire Age (the actual title of the game) for the past few months, as ads have been popping up in Twitter feeds, on Facebook, and even on their televsion - even though the game's been out for well over a year now. While the "original" Game of War came out in 2010, the relaunched Game of War: Fire age launched in July 2013, then sans Kate Upton.

Speaking of...


4. Kate Upton doesn't understand what her character is there for

Per AdWeek:

"It is fantastic to be instrumental in the start of a new era in gaming and communications. I love playing the part of Athena--she's such a bad-ass character, commanding armies, slaying hydra, charging into battle--the work shows how much fun it is, and I am proud to be part of it."

Despite all of the ads and Miss Upton herself, the character of Athena isn't really the badass warrior main character of Game of War: Fire Age (the actual title of the game we're discussing). Actually, she's pretty much the exact opposite - instead of commanding armies and wearing tight-fitting outfits into battle, she pretty much remains a completely motionless character who tries to convince you to buy things.



5. A Belgian kid spent $46,000 in Game of War: Fire Age by himself


A 15 year old teenager in Belgium was given his grandfather's credit card in order to get some e-books on his mother's tablet - and within a few months, he had blown nearly $50k in the game (Game of War: Fire Age, that is, which is the actual real title of the game).

That's a lotta chicken nuggets.