Have you seen this ad yet? If you've been in front of a TV or on the internet, odds are you have (and if you haven't, you've just woken up from a three-month coma and the first thing you did was come to Dorkly! Bless your heart.). This unusually epic, mightily expensive TV commercial is part of a larger ad campaign for a popular mobile app called Game of War: Fire Age - and we're going to tell you a few things about the game (of war) that will blow your mind.


1. It's currently running an ad campaign costing $40 million


Source: AdWeek

Well, it's finally happened - those stupid Evony ads from back in the day have hit the mainstream, as professional breast-haver Kate Upton has started appearing in actual TV commercials for a shitty knock-off game and beckoning potential players to "Come play, my lord" (well, "Come and play with me", which really is somehow MORE groan-inducingly sexual). And it's all for Game of War: Fire Age (the actual title, which feels like an SEO analyst vomited out after a long night of drinking and maximizing search engine keywords), a mobile app game that can somehow justify a massive international ad campaign, including commercials starring a supermodel and CGI fantasy monsters (neither of which are indicative of what playing the game is actually like).


Pictured: Something that probably cost less than $40 million


It's 40 million dollars. Consider that - 40 MILLION DOLLARS. That's 160 million chicken nuggets. That's enough chicken nuggets to feed some nations for a week (not feed them well, mind you).


For a more sensible comparison, the DEVELOPMENT cost of Borderlands 2 was less - roughly 30-35 million dollars. That's right - with the money Machine Zone (the developer behind Game of War: Fire Age, which is the actual title of the game) is spending to have Kate Upton riding a horse on TV, they could have MADE an actual game (and had a few million left over to, uh, spend on Clash of Clans microtransactions).


2. It's currently making over $1 million PER DAY


Source: ThinkGaming

Wondering how a crummy knock-off app can AFFORD a 40 million dollar ad campaign? Well, the fact that it's making over 1 million dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY helps a bit.

And this isn't a new trend - it's been the number 2 or 3 top grossing app in the App Store for at least the last 6 months (although it did drop to number 4 for a single day), behind Clash of Clans and sometimes Candy Crush Saga. Even as the number of downloads per day has seen some major fluctuations (dropping as low as #74 and as high as #4), it has consistently been making insane amounts of money, more than paying for it's absurdly huge ad campaign.

Since there is a notoriously fast burn-out rate for users, Machine Zone needs a constant influx of new users to make up for the lost ones - which is why they need such a huge ad campaign, and the over 2 million players per day are paying for it. And on top of that, developer Machine Zone has been courting investors all year - who currently value the company at 3 billion dollars (aka a FUCKTON of chicken nuggets).