"A nice splash of beard oils does wonders"


Your instinct may be to revel in your disheveled manliness as your beard grows out. As with all things dating, your instinct is wrong. If you don't already sweat out a slick smear of smokey-scented moisturizer, try harder. Still nothing? Then maybe invest in some product to keep your beard healthy.


"Make friends with a barber"


No matter the length, keep your beard trimmed. According to the data, guys with smaller, neater beards often rate higher than guys with massive chin scarves. Even the manliest, Game of Thronesiest beards are meticulously groomed to look that way.


"Be yourself; but beardier"


As for your profile, John recommends being honest about yourself and your intentions: "There's no point in trying to cast a really wide net, you'll just end up going on shitty dates."


And if you're just on there to beard browse - which is totally encouraged! - we humbly suggest you at least consider having sex with a bearded man.


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