Christopher Lee recently past at 93 years old (born the same year as Stan Lee!), and the dude lived a crazy life. He witnessed the last public guillotine execution in France. He fought admirably throughout World War II. He's still releasing Christmas-inspired metal songs. And he's the only member of the modern Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit cast to have ever met with JRR Tolkien - who gave him his blessing to one day play Gandalf.

Of course, eventually Christopher Lee did get cast on the big-screen Lord of the Rings adaptation - but as Saruman, who's pretty much the antithesis of Gandalf. Still - he gave it everything he had, frequently discussing Tolkien's lore with director Peter Jackson, helping people with their Elvish (a language Lee spoke), and playing the hell out of the evilest wizard around.

And even at 92 years old, he kept playing his part. Check it out: