If there's one movie this year it's hard to be cynical about, it's Guardians of the Galaxy - it was mostly just a fun romp, so what's the point in trying to tear it apart? There's not - but that doesn't mean it's not worth being honest about. As the above trailer explains, this is pretty much The Avengers...In Space!

  • Star-Lord is pretty much Captain America (American from a different time and place whose customs seem foreign to others)
  • Gamora is pretty much Black Widow (leatherclad assassin)
  • Drax is pretty much Thor (incredibly strong dude who doesn't understand our metaphors too well)
  • Groot is pretty much Hulk (monstrously powerful not-quite-human who has speech issues)
  • Rocket is pretty much Tony Stark (tech genius with a drinking problem and distinctive hair)