1. Walt takes traits from the people he kills


Walt's descent into monsterhood has always been at the heart of Breaking Bad; at the beginning of the series he's Mr. Rogers, and by the end he's MethaHitler. But Walt had to learn from someone, and it just so happens that he murders his tutors after each lesson. Like a quirky serial killer, you can see Walt picking up the character traits of his foes after he vanquishes them.

For example: Early on, we see Crazy Eight is a big baby who doesn't wike da cwusts on his sandwich:

And long after Walt dispatches this food criminal, he finds himself cutting the crusts.

Sometimes the comparisons between Walt and the gangsters he defeats are a little less subtle, like the time that Hank holds up Tuco's grill and matches it up with Walt. 

Yeah, it's not like Walt cracks open the lucite and wears the grill, but otherwise it's about as obvious as you can get. 

There's a lot of repeating dialogue, as well. After Walt kills Mike (I just remembered that he did that and I'm mad all over again), he starts adopting his old partner's phrases.


It's not like he's using that lingo anymore, I guess.

Gustavo Fring might've been Walt's biggest nemesis in the entire series, and maybe the most influential. Without ever seeing it for himself, Walt placed folded towels on the bathroom floor before throwing up into a toilet.

Hell, after Hank was shot, Walt bawled just like Gus did decades beforehand, their tragedy-mired lives reflecting one another.


It's kind of a bummer to end on what's essentially a pair of frowny "I Just Witnessed the Brutal Murder of Someone I Cared About" Emojis, so let's throw in one more.


BONUS! Godzilla's Breaking Bad easter egg


The opening credits of 2014's Godzilla play like an animated government file that's being live-censored by some kaiju-hating stooge. If you're quick on the draw when Bryan Cranston's name comes up, you can pause and catch Walter White's name. It's exciting at first, but then you realize there's not really much more to it than that. Kind of like 2014's Godzilla.