Marvel's work to create a unified film universe is insanely impressive - but what takes them to the next level is that not only have they managed to connect all of the films in believable ways, but all of the films (for the most part) are GREAT. There are definitely a few mediocre entries, but really not a single one of them is an all-out bad movie.

X-Men is mostly fine - after the horrendous duo of X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox managed to revitalize the franchise with X-Men: First Class and (to some extent) The Wolverine. And after Days of Future Past showed they can still make a rollicking, fun film, we have to give them some credit.

DC is...committed to figuring this out. Man of Steel sharply divided audiences with its grim 'n gritty portrayal of Superman, and have decided to pull an inverse-Marvel by teaming up all the heroes before giving them solo films. It might work! We hope it works, because these are characters that deserve better treatment than they've received on the big screen. While DC's animation department has been consistently kicking ass for over two decades, their live action needs to step it up a little.

And then...there's Spider-Man. Poor Spider-Man. The new Andrew Garfield films have been so poorly-received that we're starting to get nostalgic for Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man 3. THINK ABOUT THAT.