3. Dutch Golden Girls


The Golden Girls is an excellent show, flat-out. I'm not saying that just to be ironic. The writing is really sharp for its era (the staff included Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development), and each of the stars has wonderful comic timing. Okay, maybe Sophia is a little shaky sometimes (she's not, but I'm trying to appease you monsters who insist on finding fault with everything). Still, it's no wonder the show has been adapted several times for broadcast around the world -- four sassy gals gabbin' it up and getting into old lady shenanigans makes for great television in any language. The Dutch version might be my favorite, if only for the delightful cover of the original theme song:

Like a lot of these adaptations, the Dutch version of Golden Girls follows a lot of the same plots of the original. If you have half an hour of your life you want to spend confused and aroused and confused about how aroused you are, you can watch the Dutch edition of the episode where Bea Arthur's ex-husband returns. If that looks modern, that's because the Dutch Golden Girls started airing in 2012, almost three decades after the original series premiered.

And yet, Betty White will still outlive them all.


4. Powerpuff Girls Z


Of course.

Of course the Japanese adaptation of the Powerpuff Girls is a magical girl anime designed by one of the creators of Sailor Moon.

Of course you can tell the difference between the two by which one has a Z at the end. Running for a little over 50 episodes, Powerpuff Girls Z isn't quite the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup that you grew up with. Then again, it's also exactly what you'd expect.

And it's kind of awesome.

What's kind of crazy, or maybe makes a ton of sense about PPZ is that there's tons of spinoff merchandise and media. There's a Powerpuff Girls Z manga and even a full-fledged video game for Nintendo DS that reportedly plays like Mario Party, complete with the destruction of any relationship you cherish. Come to think, there's a lot of TV shows that could use the magical girl anime treatment. Golden Girls Z, anyone?