Listen, here's the situation: we still don't have Fallout 4. Heck, we don't even have official confirmation that Fallout 4 exists. So what are Fallout fans supposed to do until we get a new game?

The answer, obviously, is replay one of the old ones for the ten thousanth time - but what if there was a new way to play that would REALLY add some challenge to the proceedings? Turns out there is: play as The Doctor.

Per Anthony Burch, this is not a mod (well, not necessarily, although mods that let you look like the Doctor most certainly exist), but rather a different way of playing (similar to the Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon). It's only applicable to Fallout: New Vegas - since Fallout 3 forces you to kill, and the Doctor would most certainly avoid killing at all costs.

Here's what you do (after dressing like David Tennant, that is):

Tag Speech, Science, and Lockpicking.

Perks are Good Natured and Four Eyes.


  • STR 1
  • PER 9 (10 with Four Eyes and a pair of glasses)
  • END 1
  • CHA 8
  • INT 10
  • AGL 10
  • LUCK 1

You are now equipped to lockpick, charm, and hack your way to getting to 100 speech, 100 science, 100 lockpick, and 100 medicine. You'll have to let Benny betray you and run away with the chip, but you can sprint past the army of death robots awaiting you beneath Caesar's camp (indeed, this is my favorite part of the game if you've got I Am The Doctor blaring out of your speakers).

You can, and will, defeat the endboss through conversation.


This is a pretty fun way to re-approach New Vegas - nonviolence, cleverness, and a little bit of luck can get you through the wastes of Nevada, but will definitely prove a new kind of challenge to most Fallout fans.


Also, this wouldn't be the FIRST time The Doctor popped up in Fallout...