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With the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Nintendo unleashed the most insanely overpowered monster in its history... the mighty Mega Rayquaza. Over the weekend it made history by becoming BANNED by Smogon (an important resource for competitive players) from the Uber tier, which was the category specially made for overpowered/overused pokemon. Let that sink in. This thing is too OP for the OP section. That's like being banned from twitch.tv for showing too much cleavage. That's like being banned from tumblr for being too sensitive. That's like being banned from anime for having too much spiky blue hair.


gif via chipsprites.tumblr.com


So, why is this jolly green dragon so redonkulous? Here's a quick rundown:

  • Only pokemon that doesn't need to hold a Mega Stone to mega evolve.

  • This frees it to use any and all hold items like Focus Sash or Life Orb.

  • Delta Stream takes away all its flying-type weaknesses.

  • Tied with Mega Mewtwo for highest base stats ever. (780, or 2.5 pikachus). 

  • The move Dragon Ascent can one-hit KO almost anything in the game.


gif via chipsprites.tumblr.com


Right now, Mega Rayquaza is only allowed in the newly-announced "Anything Goes" tier. This new metagame does away with any bans whatsoever and lets players exploit, overuse, and go cheap without fear of judgment. Here is a complete list of "AG-only" tier pokemon:



Remember, this only affects informal competitive players that agree to Smogon rules. So expect the entirety of official Pokemon online matches to become a festival of unbeatable steroid-jacked dragons repeatedly eating Leftovers... good luck out there.


gif via mega-diancie.tumblr.com