6. Five Nights at Freddy's gets in one last scare


If you haven't played Five Night's at Freddy's, do not play Five Nights at Freddy's. Don't get me wrong, it's a really neat game, but by playing it you are inviting yourself to get scared shitless by creepy low-rent mascots from hell. If you do decide that you hate yourself enough to engage with this nightmare factory, it's pretty cheap on phones and computers. But those who won't even throw the developer like three dollars are in store for a lot of this:

Granted, you're devoured by a demon plushie every time you lose in Five Nights at Freddy's, but pirates get a little extra. As the story goes, a special version of the game was released on torrent sites. It's the same as the paid version of FNaF, but with one key difference: Every time you exit out of the pirated copy of the game, Freddy pops out for one last jump scare. We can only hope the thieves are still wearing their headphones.


5. Crysis: Warhead's chicken gun


Any decent anti-piracy measure won't screw over paying customers, but if you're clever enough you can make that measure go viral and promote your game. Such is the case with Crysis: Warhead, which turns pirated versions of the shooter into full-blown poultry slams. After a few minutes of normal play in the bootleg, every gun in the game will start shooting chickens instead of bullets.

Since chickens don't do damage, nobody in the game dies and you can't progress. In a way, you could almost look at this as the opposite of your typical violent FPS. Instead of emptying lead into your enemies and thereby tearing their organs asunder, you could feed the entire world by spontaneously producing an unlimited supply of food. But it's probably way more fun to just launch a million fat birds into the air.