Truth is not stranger than fiction. The truth sucks! With the current trend of debunking movie science to feel smug and superior, I thought I'd explain why MOVIE LIES are AWESOME.


9. No Sound in Outer Space

Vicious laser-ripping, sparks-flying space battle sound design creates an atmosphere of excitement and danger. Even Joss Whedon's famously silent-in-space movie Serenity caved in and added space audio in the climactic  battle, because without it, it would have been a boring slog. An armada of metal juggernauts slugging it out in the cosmos is something an audience deserves to experience with more than one sense. Hell, I'd want to taste space ships shooting each other if I could.


8. Vikings Never Wore Horns


The modern popularization of horned helmets might have come from Richard Wagner's operas in the 1800s, but they was a humongous improvement on the snoozer reality of actual Viking helmets. The Vikings, historically, were some of the raddest people to ever live, and chances are that the only reason they did not invent the horned helmet themselves is because they were too busy day-dreaming about an afterlife where you fight, kill, and get killed for all eternity. The Vikings invented the idea of deathmatch in the 8th century. Give 'em some freakin' horns.


7. Cavemen and Dinosaurs Were Not Contemporaries


When someone tells me that a cavemen never fought dinosaurs, never rode dinosaurs, never used dinosaurs as cranes at their construction jobs, it makes me want to run home and cry into a pillow. Any time I see a human and dinosaur on screen at the same time, my imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what kickass prehistoric adventures could happen. Which of these sounds more valuable to the human spirit? Lies = good.