3. Why is Matt Damon the worst?

Surprise guest, Matty D, or Dr. Mann as he is known in the film, turns out to be a dick. He sent erroneous data to NASA about the planet he landed on, claiming it was hospitable for human life, because he knew it was the only way he would be rescued. Otherwise, he would have had to die a heroic astronaut death, by which I mean desperately miserable and alone.

When Cooper and Brand (but really Tars...sweet, sweet Tars) figure him out, he tries to escape with a shuttle and manually dock Endurance. He is unsuccessful, and as a highly-trained astronaut, he knows this is not good. This isn't parallel parking for the driving test; this is a matter of life or death. He has sacrificed everything, his dignity and conscience, to survive, and yet, he chooses to open the airlock and destroy the ship and, arguably more important, to have his innards sucked out of every orifice.

Why would he do this? It doesn't make any sense! Is it because he's a metaphor for mankind (Mannkind) and how erratic and stupid we are as a species?...Oh, damn it, that's it, isn't it?


4. Why is Cooper and Murph's reunion so short?

At the movie's close, Cooper sees his daughter, Murph, again. How does the climactic reunion go down? He holds her wrinkly, dying hand for a minute and then he goes straight back to space. Their reunion is awkwardly brief. I would love to include a picture of it, but none exist because the moment happened too fast to be captured by photography.

Besides proving once again that he is a mediocre dad, Cooper shows no interest in being a grandfather. He doesn't even glance at the gaggle of grandchildren and great-grandchildren gathered around Murph. He's got better things to do. Like: Mission Repopulate the New Earth by Making Babies with Anne Hathaway.


5. Uhhh...what about Tom?

Quick recap of Tom's life: everyone he loves dies. He loses his mother, his father, his first son and his grandfather.

After his dad spends Tom's childhood making it clear he prefers Murph, he then abandons the family and leaves Tom his shitty farm and truck. After a life of pain, Murph berates Tom for being stuck in his old-fashioned ways even though that's all he knows because he wasn't allowed to pursue higher education.

And when his dad returns to mankind, does he ask after Tom? Nope. He's got that Bang Anne Hathaway mission, remember?

Do you know what transcends time and space? How fucking sad Tom's life is.