3. Ex Machina

Starring Oscar Isaac (of that folk music Coen Bros. movie and soon to be of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Wakes Up) and Domhnall Gleeson (of that time travel love movie. No, not The Time Traveler's Wife. The other one. No, not Somewhere In Time. Or The Lake House. Or Kate & Leopold. Or Timecop.), Ex Machina tells teh tale of a coder who must spend a week with an android as part of a Turing Test (a test of a machine's ability to exhibit or mimic human behavior). Of course, the point of the film is that we're not meant to know whether the ambitions of the AI are good nor evil until the end, but it looks to be full of twists and turns galore.


How Evil Is This AI?

We don't know! It might be totally evil, manipulating poor Domhnall Gleeson to its own ends. Or it might be totally good, trying to protect Domhnall (which, by the way, is the worst-spelled name ever) from Oscar Isaac's evil manipulations. But, like, it's probably evil. OR IS IT?

...it probably is.


Does It Have Lips?

It's meant to be as human-like as possible, so yeah, but it's not really "robo-lips" at least. OR ARE THEY?

...they are.


4. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

The year is 2057, and the Earth has been reduced to cinders by nuclear war. Only one city remains: Las Vegas, the last vestige of civilization. The city of sin and vice is all we have left...and now even that is under attack. To save the city and the human race, a madman reactivates B.L.A.R.T. (Bipedal Living Artificial Robot Terminator) in a desperate attempt to eliminate the threats facing Las Vegas, at all costs. In the chaos that follows, as B.L.A.R.T.'s bodycount rises, everyone begins to wonder: if humanity is capable of creating something as terrifying and bloodthirsty as B.L.A.R.T., do we deserve to exist?


How Evil Is This AI?

B.L.A.R.T. knows neither good nor evil - B.L.A.R.T. knows only destruction and death.


Does It Have Lips?

Yes. B.L.A.R.T. has lips. Terrifying, terrifying lips.