Japanese arcades are a little different from American arcades. For one, they still exist.

But also, they have games like THIS. Skip to about 2:55 for the real action (but really, you should watch the whole thing so that you get a sense of how badly this machine wants to screw with you).

At first, it looks pretty similar to your average quarter-pushing type machine, where you put in some coins with the hope that MORE coins will fall off. However, this is Japan, so it's got about 5-6 different stages of action at all times - from a video slot machine (that purposely trolls you) to several different ball slots (it'll make sense when you watch it) to OTHER video slots...well, it's something different.

And when a couple of Australian guys go up against it with all the coins they have, the most insane series of events you can imagine happens - they actually win the jackpot. Scratch that - DOUBLE the jackpot. And it all rains down in coins while the dudes desperately try to figure out what's going on and where they can find more cups.

BRB - booking my plane ticket to Japan right now.