4. Sherlock Holmes was based on a well-dressed professor


One of most unbelievable parts of any Sherlock story is the bit where the master detective assesses and deduces information about someone by glancing at them. For instance, Sherlock would look at the cheeto dust embedded in your Inuyasha graphic tee and come to the conclusion that you are a person of wealth and taste. According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, his medical school professor Dr. Joseph Bell had that exact talent. Here's an excerpt from a letter to Bell:

"It is most certainly to you that I owe Sherlock Holmes and though in the stories I have the advantage of being able to place him in all sorts of dramatic positions, I do not think that his analytical work is in the least an exaggeration of some effects which I have seen you produce in the outpatient ward.

Sexily Yours,



5. The true story behind The Fault in Our Stars will break your heart all over again


Author John Green was working on a book about teens with cancer for years, but his book didn't truly have a center until he met 12-year-old Esther Earl at a Harry Potter convention. Captivated by her youthful pluck, Green kept in touch with Esther online until she died of her illness four years later. To see Green write about it, the fictional Hazel Grace Lancaster, who shares a middle name with Esther, couldn't hold a candle to the real deal. Despite Esther's illness, she never lost her zeal and enthusiasm for life. You can see for yourself on her YouTube channel even today. Just try not to cry when you realize she never got to see the last Harry Potter movie.