2. Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph killed her own husband at the altar


Jane Lynch plays a battle armor version of herself in Wreck-It Ralph as Calhoun, as the main character in the movie's fictional video game Hero's Duty. Like any bog standard video game action hero, she was programmed with a tragic backstory. In this case, Calhoun's wedding was crashed by a giant Cy-Bug that proceeded to murder and consume her husband-to-be.

Though she defeated the Cy-Bug with her pocket chaingun, the damage was done. Calhoun was minus a husband, and that spot in her heart filled with seething hatred. The built-in tragedy is a handy plot device that gives the character a reason to have a chip on her shoulder, but it's goofy and meta enough to be played for laughs. But that scene holds a horrifying secret.

See, the thing with Cy-Bugs is that they take the form of whatever they consume. Here's what happens when a Cy-Bug eats Ralph's gun while he's in the Hero's Duty game:

So if a Cy-Bug eats a laser gun, it takes on the properties of that laser gun. Later on in the movie we find that if a Cy-Bug eats candy, it takes on properties of that candy. If the Cy-Bug ate the internet, it would probably morph into a mass of boobs with blonde spiky Goku hair. We know that this transformation extends to Cy-Bugs who eat people, because we get to see the previously-eaten King Candy in Cy-Bug form.


Look at that face again. That isn't just the mortified expression of someone who lost their husband -- that's the face of someone who has to destroy an evil monster that is taking the form the person they loved most in this world, the one who died a sudden excruciating death moments before. We know that the change only takes a few seconds -- by the time Calhoun gets done with the Cy-Bug, there's no doubt that she's had to shoot her husband in the face. As wedding nights go, it's in Game of Thrones territory.