Per Geeky Red Cosplay, we bring you a wonderfully heartbreaking story out of BlizzCon 2014: Cosplay Py was the winner of BlizzCon's costume contest this year for her Grand Empress Shek'zeer cosplay, and it's not hard to see why:


It took her over two years to build and complete the costume, and it was even difficult to move around in the hugely impressive piece. However, after winning, Cosplay Py was unable to walk onto the stage to claim her prize - she seriously hurt her ankle backstage after falling. From her Facebook page:

There were two ramps. We had practiced on some steepish ramps and had a plan of action. The first ramp was difficult, but we managed. Unfortunately, the second ramp was much more steep. When I did manage to hit the top, the weight of my thorax and bag legs (still on the slope of the ramp) literally pulled me off of my stilts. In the process I injured my ankle. At this point, there was absolutely no way for me to walk on in the costume. So, my husband and the most fabulous stage hand in the world got my costume off of me while I went into a full on meltdown.

I still wasnt really together yet before I was told that I'd won and I lost it all over again. I apologize for not being very eloquent or sounding ungrateful on stage.


So even though she was never able to properly debut her costume, it's insanely great - and now it will exist online forever. Take a moment to appreciate the workmanship that went into this - not all cosplays are this crazy.