The upcoming Pokemon remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, are marking a first for Pokemon games: they will be available separately (at the usual $40 price) as well as together as a bundle (costing $80, plus a redeemable code for an additional 200 potions in the game). This advent is huge - now it's pretty much guaranteed that you won't ever have to interact with another human being to catch all the Pokemon. Sad you can't get an exclusive Pokemon only available in one version? Good news - now you can get anything and never have to bargain or even interact with another person in any way! Not only do you not have to speak to someone, you don't even have to deal with any of that online trading nonsense.

Not only that, but since the cost is virtually the same as buying them both separate, it's almost completely pointless - the only benefit is some extra potions, which are basically worthless in the game, since you end up with more than enough money extremely fast in every single Pokemon game ever released, at which point your only concerns will be Hyper Potion or better. That, and you won't have to look like a total loser at Best Buy, buying two "versions" of the exact same game!

And that's the best part - they're pretty much IDENTICAL games! There's almost no difference between them, except for some minor aesthetic things and a few version-specific Pokemon. So by the time you start playing the second one, you'll already be intimately familiar with every single aspect of the game. Plus, they're remakes - so you'll DEFINITELY be able to play without having to worry about things like "being surprised" or "not knowing exactly what's coming next."