Benedict Cumberbatch is a very charming and self-deprecating individual - and his time on The Graham Norton Show is mostly just him talking about his fandom, gabbing a bit about Sherlock and Star Wars and The Hobbit, and generally being a charming guy. But then Graham Norton asks the question that was on everyone's mind: WHY CAN'T YOU SAY "PENGUIN"?

For those of you unfamiliar, watch this:


Skip to 3:28 to watch Norton finally confront the issue with Mr. Cumberbatch, and to hear him finally explain why he kept saying "penglings."

Or, if you're not interested in that and just wanna know if he's figured it out yet, skip to 5:42 if you want to see Benedict attempt to say "penguin" LIVE on the show.


Of course, this is all made weirder and better by the sheer fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is lending his soothing voice to the upcoming Madagascar spin-off...Penguins.