1. Is Oswald Cobblepot Actually The Joker?


We saw this theory on ComicBook.com and it got us thinking - yeah! That sounds plausible!

Think about it - he's got the creepy grin, the wiry frame, the beak-like nose, and the nickname "Penguin" that all point to one thing: Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker! And with the upcoming 7th episode titled "Penguin's Umbrella", we see exactly what Gotham is doing - Oswald will finally get the Joker's legendary umbrella. We see what you're up to, Gotham!


2. What If Edward Nygma Is Actually....THE JOKER?


Just look at him - the near-constant smirk, the glasses, the name "Edward Nygma", and the love of riddles all point in a single direction: Joker City, USA! 


3. Is Bruce Wayne Destined To Become the Jok- I MEAN...CALENDAR MAN?


Lotta evidence here:

  1. He knows the days of the week
  2. Probably remembers holidays pretty well
  3. Extremely rich - very likely owns a calendar


4. Is Gotham Actually Metropolis?


Like, maybe the city needs to disguise itself for some reason. I dunno, guys. This show is really boring. Just trying to spice it up a little. I mean, the whole idea of a pre-Batman Gotham is soooo dumb. It's so obvious who all of these characters are GOING to grow into someday, but they're not there yet. We know they BECOME interesting characters someday, but we're DECADES away from that. Plus, there's the whole idea that the 'freaks' only came into existence due to Batman's presence - the ostentatious costumed vigilante gave rise to a group of equally over-the-top villains. It's one of the more interesting aspects of the Batman mythos, and it's been completely disregarded here.

Not only that, but the series is centered around Jim Gordon and his quest to clean up a city rotten to the core with corruption and crime...a quest we KNOW he fails at. If anything, the city is WORSE OFF by the time Batman enters the picture - which, again - is years and years away. We're following a character we KNOW will never succeed. Unless they decide to radically change Batman canon, we're going to eternally be a million steps ahead of the show at every turn. There's no suspense and no surprise.

In the meantime, the show's going to be teasing out a much more interesting show that will never come. Ugh.


5. Is Detective Jim Gordon Actually...Commissioner Gordon?!


This one's kinda "out there" so don't take it too seriously. He's probably the Joker anyhow.