We previously told you that a lot of popular characters from the Game of Thrones novels were being dropped from the show and would never make an appearance - since then, more information has come out about how exactly the upcoming season 5 of Game of Thrones will differ from the books. While a lot of plotlines are remaining mostly the same, several are going to differ in pretty major ways - here are just a few (that we know of):

Spoiler alert for...well, if you read the books, these are kind of spoilers because they're different...but you still know the basic beats the story will be going through. And if you haven't read the books, these are...well, they're still spoiler-y, because they indicate what the plotlines of the upcoming season will be, but the article's mostly about how these future plotlines different from the equivalent plotlines in the books, which you haven't read, and thus won't really understand. Hmmm.

Well, let's just say, spoilers ahead.




1. Jaime's goin' to Dorne - with Bronn!

Verdict: Probably good!


Jaime's plotline in A Feast for Crows (and, ever-so-briefly, in A Dance With Dragons) involves him heading into the Riverlands to do clean-up now that the war between the Lannisters and the Starks is done - mostly finishing the siege of Riverrun (the seat of House Tully) and a few other minor tasks that are designed to keep him out of King's Landing so Cersei can go nuts and partake in some marsh-metaphors on her own. But since the writers seem deadset on bringing the Dorne plotline to the forefront (for whatever reason), they're sending Jaime to Dorne instead - presumably to bring back Myrcella. But the best part is that Bronn's comin' along for the trip.


This really is a pretty good idea - if they insist on doing Dorne, at least we'll have a few main characters we're familiar with to be drawn in and introduced to the kingdom in the south, as opposed to just being dropped in with the gout-y Doran Martell and axe-lovin' Areo Hotah. Plus, Jaime will have a mission with some personal meaning to him (Myrcella's his daughter, kinda), something a bit lacking in his Riverlands rambling. And since it seems VERY VERY APPARENT that Lady Stoneheart won't be an element on the show, there's no real reason for Jaime to be dealing with the Riverlands (since you get the feeling GRRM only wanted Jaime there so he could fall into Stoneheart's clutches).

And Bronn. Bronn's proven a much bigger and better character on the show than he ever was in the books, and he spends the vast majority of his time in Feast For Crows and Dance With Dragons off-screen (well, off-page), foiling plots by Cersei to eliminate him. Which is fun, but not a great use of the character. This keeps him on-screen, and we get to explore his relationship with another Lannister - which (judging by their time sparring together last season) will be pretty fun.


2. Tyrion and Danaerys' stories are being sped up



The most objectively-positive change coming this season (and this is ENTIRELY based on leaked photos from the set) is the implication that Tyrion's and Daenerys' stories are being fast-tracked and streamlined (also, that Tyrion's getting a beard - DINKLE-BEARD!). For those of you not familiar, neither Daenerys nor Tyrion appeared in the 4th book in the series, A Feast For Crows, so fans were anxiously awaiting the exciting and dramatic storylines Martin had planned for both when A Dance With Dragons was released. And, to put it lightly, their stories are far too long and drawn out. Like, to an absurd degree.

Daenerys' story has little-to-no incident, mostly filled with her wishing she could be doin' it with Daario and trying to manage Meereenese politics (THE MOST BORING POLITICS IN EXISTENCE, JUST RIDE YOUR DRAGONS TO WESTEROS ALREADY, JEEZ).

Tyrion's storyline has the beats of a road trip movie - where he meets a lot of colorful characters, is constantly being sidetracked, and ultimately ends up in the right location, but not in the way he was expecting. The problem is that we know exactly where Tyrion is heading, plotwise, but it takes forever-and-a-day to get him there - and even then, Martin teases out the ending, with no satisfying conclusion. This is a storyline that can really afford to have a bunch of characters and incidents dropped from it in the name of keeping things moving forward.


Doing both of these stories (the way they appear in the books) in 10 episodes is basically unthinkable, especially considering each character on the show pretty much only appears in 3/4s of the episodes. Thankfully, it looks like Tyrion will be meeting up with Jorah very early on, and actually brought into Daenerys' court (since he appears to be sitting by her side in the coliseum), while Jorah is left to fight for his life in the arena. We know Tyrion's an important character - and the only other character for him to really ally himself with at this point is Daenerys, who would no doubt be interested in a kinslaying Lannister being on her side, who can provide her with sound counsel about the working of current Westeros politics and the players involved.

Basically, this just means we might actually get to see Tyrion ride a dragon in the near future.