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This year's League of Legends Finals, held in Seoul, South Korea, was big. REALLY big. Like, 40,000 fans watched the event LIVE at Seoul's World Cup Stadium, in addition to untold millions who streamed the event and watched the video afterwards. Look at the picture above - that's real.

On October, 18th, 2014, Samsung White and China's Starhorn Royal Club competed for the championship - and attendance is up quite a bit from last year, when there were about 11,000 in attendance. Redditor TehStormey put together this image to show you a comparison of the evolution of the event:



Here are the four games of the championship - we won't spoil the winner (if, by some miracle, you haven't already heard):


Game 1:


Game 2:


Game 3:


Game 4:


Can't wait to see what happens next year - they'll probably have to rent out Switzerland.