4. Hal Jordan Invokes The Oath in Green Lantern


First thing's first, I hate 2011's Green Lantern like no other superhero movie. Each design decision is ugly, every acting choice is wrong, and the screenplay is so dead-eyed, rotten, and full of holes that it shambles about like the zombie corpse of an origin story. Poor Ryan Reynolds tries his damndest to carry the film, but that's hard to do when you can tell he spent the movie alone in front of a greenscreen with no pants on.




But during the final showdown with Parallax (a yellow fart cloud made out of fear) there's this moment where the evil ancient terror-poot is mocking Hal in his moment of impending failure. In this dark hour, the Green Lantern finds strength in the words that many nerds have committed to memory. 



That geeky moment of "yes, I can" is so good that it's a shame it had to appear in this Green Lantern movie and not a different (good) one that's yet to be made. Imagine if the Gettysburg Address were originally delivered at a Chuck E. Cheese, and you can begin to understand the dissonance I feel when watching that scene.