5. Tanks Get Smashed in Ang Lee's Hulk


Most people agree that Ed Norton's The Incredible Hulk, is the more enjoyable of the two Hulk movies. I think that's because it fit our expectations of what a Superhero movie is supposed to be. But Ang Lee's film isn't about a superhero, it's about a physically deformed scientist with pronounced mental health issues, (you know, "The Hulk"). When you add  stuff like its 2+ hour runtime, mutant poodles, and the gin-soaked "acting" of Nick Nolte, you see how this movie failed to boost lunchbox sales for Marvel. But that's also why it's the most faithful version of the Hulk ever made. Watch this scene:



This Hulk is clumsy, bulbous, you can actually see muscles swell and morph as he gets angrier. He's a monster, not a power-fantasy. It's these moments when the movie grabs your attention (for the right reasons, not because there's a mutant poodle onscreen).