Now that Smash Bros. 3DS had its North American release, the r/smashbros forum has been set ablaze with users submitting their favorite moments of skill, luck, and beautiful irony captured in .gif style loops.

Bless you, ye portable warriors. Hold on to those replays until the SD Card wears out. For these are the moments that will live forev- until the Wii U version comes out.


1. Ness pulls an "Earthbound" by being a success against all odds

submitted by SkyeKuma


2. Little Mac is so OP, he doesn't even have to hit you to hit you

submitted by Sonicbluespeed


3. The number one reason to fear Ganondorf is EVERYTHING

submitted by Muhznit


4. This is either a glitch, or the legendary "Falcon Punch Prime"

submitted by the_tch


5. Part of a genre I'm calling "The Gale Boomerang Isn't Helpful"

submitted by BurnSalad


6. Lastly, another reason not to fear a Little Mac attack

submitted by Gidding