Hey! You there, in the non-Dorkly t-shirt! Wouldn't you like to be the height of fashion? You'll be the envy of all the kids on the playground (whose parents won't let them wear their The Chive shirts) with these brand new Dorkly t-shirts!


Yes, you can finally have clothes that reflect a nerdy website you like. Exclusively through TeePublic, you can get one of two Dorkly shirts: the Dorkly logo shirt, and "That's How Johnny C Do". If you're not familiar with that phrase, watch this:

There. Now you probably want that t-shirt, right? Right.

For real - we're selling shirts. None of the writers of the site are making a dime off of these, but it helps show the people upstairs that it's worth keeping the lights in the Dorkly office/toolshed. Also, we'd like to make a bunch more Dorkly-themed shirts to add to the store, but we want YOU to tell us what you wanna wear on your chest.

Maybe Pokemon Rusty? Maybe Voldemort's Assistant, Kevin? Maybe the Videogame Agent? Maybe something else entirely? Tell us!

Go buy some shirts, leave some comments, and then buy some more shirts. They make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and regular days.