3. Doesn't Have To Deal With Any of the Baggage That Normally Comes With Comic Book Films


One of the big problems comic book movies run into is their variable slavish-ness to the source material. They're expected to adapt material a certain way, trying to balance pleasing fans and the general audience alike. Fans will want to see certain storylines and characters and arcs, the general audience will want an entertaining story they can understand - splitting the difference is tricky. And Deadpool really doesn't have to worry about any of it.

What would normally be a dull origin story that needs to be inserted for the movie to make sense, but is just super boring? Deadpool can narrate or pop in and MAKE FUN OF ORIGIN STORIES. Deadpool can wink at the audience and talk openly about references being made, how he's trying to please comic fans, and how executives demanded the movie be PG-13 so he's not allowed to spray the blood of his enemies everywhere. He can make the boring stuff exciting and engaging, in a way that the vast majority of movie-going audiences haven't been privy to. He can make fun of changes from the original comics, undercutting any criticisms from comic nerds.

That allows his enough flexibility that the movie can be pretty much anything the makers want it to be, and no one will really care. That's a lot of freedom compared to the Fantastic Four movie getting yelled at for daring to cast a black person as a character whose race has never mattered.


2. The Script is Apparently Great


While we don't know that this is the still the script that's in play (these things get rewritten and rewritten constantly during the course of development, switching writers like a game of musical chairs), the last known draft by Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick was supposedly great. To give you some idea of what these guys are capable of, they wrote Zombieland - one of the funniest and most inventive action-comedies of the last decade. Plus, it includes one of the best cameos ever committed to film period. For those of you who haven't seen it, get on that FAST.

Anyways, the script - it sounds fantastic. Cinema Blend put up a review of it earlier this year (which they had to remove due to copyright complaints from 20th Century Fox), and here's what they had to say (prior to it being taken down, that is):

"In it's best moments, [reading the 'Deadpool' script] is like reading 'Van Wilder' meets 'Kill Bill', a genius mix of insane dark comedy and ridiculous over the top violence the likes of which we've never seen in any other superhero movie before... With the right director and Reynolds in the lead, this script has the potential to be the 'Dark Knight' of R-rated superhero movies."

Apparently, there's also a nice couple digs at X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which would be appreciated.

Of course, the review is just one outlet's take on a script that may not even be in play any longer, but given these were the guys who wrote the test footage that was met with such positive reaction, 20th Century Fox would be pretty foolish to cut them and their vision loose at this point.