5. The Thwomp Stomper Boots From Super Mario Bros.


This is a bad movie. A real bad movie. I remember being a tiny child watching this in the theater, having an existential crisis because my still-forming brain could not understand how I was in a theater, with a bag of popcorn, watching something called "Super Mario Bros: The Movie" and yet I wasn't having fun. Fortunately, in the confusing miasma of unnecessary explanations, inauthentic grunge fashion, and mountains of slimy prosthetic fungus, one cool idea burned brightly. 


No, not that. Sweet merciful lord let's never mention this ever again.

I'm talking about Mother.Fucking. Jump. Boots.


One of the hugest mistakes that this movie made was cramming every little piece of Mario iconography through a dystopian sci-fi lens that made the Mushroom Kingdom as appealing as yesterday's shirt. The only cool update were these ballistics-fired ski boots with some shock absorbers glued to sides. It's actually a fun idea. How does Mario jump to dizzying heights and land with turtle-eviscerating force? The answer is steel-toed empowerment footwear.   


4. The Crowd Reactions in Ace Attorney


A very very (very) literal adaptation of the first Phoenix Wright game, this movie has many good moments, but they are spread so thinly across it's over 2 hours of running time that it was a struggle to stay to the end. One of the smarter choices the director made was to have the Anime eccentricities bump up against the Courtroom Drama seriousness with the same abrupt force as the game it's based on. Like making a Reese's Cup by hitting peanuts with a chocolate hammer. The result is every once in a while stuff like this happens:

GIF via: exploitastic.tumblr.com

The film does such a faithful job going through the beats from the game (that was meant to be picked up and put down in an episodic fashion) that it goes on way too long. But it's fun when the story just casually shifts into cartoon-land:

GIF via: exploitastic.tumblr.com