Destiny, one of the most heavily-anticipated games in recent memory, finally saw its release not too long ago. Since then, the emotions caused by it have run the gamut across the internet. Many are disappointed with the game, feeling it was all empty hype. Others are enraptured by the game, feeling it delivers on all of its promises and more.

After carefully examining the evidence and reactions people have had to the game, it's become clear that there is only one possibility:

Destiny is both the best AND the worst game ever. Sorta like a Schrödinger's Cat situation, but with more Peter Dinklage and guns.








"Thank you Destiny, just like the good old times."


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"Destiny is gorgeous."


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"Destiny so far.."


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"8-Bit Shadow On Destiny for PS3"


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"Destiny PvP Reward System in a Nutshell"


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So there you have it - Destiny is the best game ever, and also the worst.

The one thing it ISN'T is a big ambitious-but-flawed AAA title exploring a new IP and playstyle that may take some time to fully experience and judge. Definitely not that.

Now excuse us, we need to get back to pitching Schrödinger's Cat 64.