1. How come one of Mystique's disguises is Jennifer Lawrence?


Throughout the X-Men series, Mystique is what we call a "nifty shapeshifty." What I mean is that her mutant ability is shapeshifting. When she isn't body-morphing, she has bumpy blue skin, lizard eyes and David Bowie "Life on Mars" hair.

She usually shows off her powers by morphing into people she has seen. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, she morphs into Bolivar Trask and a prominent Vietnamese general. Her go-to disguise, though, is this:


Basically, she morphs into what she would look like if she didn't resemble a female Panthro with Lion-O's hair.

For this to be possible, she must have seen this woman (AKA Jennifer Lawrence) somewhere. That means she was walking down the street one day and she passed a girl who looked identical to her EXCEPT this person was a normal human and also incredibly attractive and glamorous. This is both improbable and nightmarish.

Imagine walking down the street and spotting a person who looked exactly like you without any of your physical deformities or imperfections! That would be horrible! It would be a 1,000 times worse than that time it was Celebrity Doppelganger month on Facebook!

Maybe this is why Mystique is so angsty.

This or the fact that most of her friends were brutally murdered. 

2. Why doesn't Quiksilver care that he met his dad?

Remember this moment?

via ashtonirwin

Okay, Peter, you're a mutant who doesn't know who your father is, but your non-mutant mother told you about this one specific mutant she knew and his specific mutant ability. Aaaand you're not gonna investigate that at all? Really?

Petey, you ain't quick.

Look, you seem like a good kid. Sure, you steal compulsively, and you gleefully broke a dangerous criminal out of a maximum security cell UNDER THE FUCKING PENTAGON. But that's because you're misunderstood and bored!

Maybe you act out because you grew up without knowing who your father is? Maybe you have some deep-seated resentment? Peter?
Quicksilver, you can outrun the speed of sound, but you can never outrun YOUR PAIN.


3. WTF is the serum that Hank McCoy invented?

When Logan meets younger Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy, Charles explains that he can walk again, thanks to a serum Hank concocted.

What else can this serum that MIRACULOUSLY HEALS A SPINAL CORD INJURY do? It can simultaneously control the unsavory aspects of Beast's mutant abilities and destroy Charles's psychic powers, of course!

This serum is amazing! They should get the FDA to approve it ASAP so they can release it under the name "Convenient Plot Device!"

When Charles explains the serum to Magneto, he seems appropriately skeptical and Charles is all, "Don't worry about it, it's whatevs."