Everyone loves when pets play video games because there's nothing better than watching a cute animal struggle and fail to do a human activity. It reminds us of our natural superiority and we like that. Here are the most awww-esome gifs of animals playing video games. Let's enjoy these before Apple starts making iPads for cats (iPaws?) and Call of Duty: Ghost adds a multiplayer mode for dogs. 


Tapeworm: The Game

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This dog's name better be Ollie!

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"...I hate in-app purchases."

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Polly wants a high score?

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This game is the only thing lamer than amateur DJing

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That moment when your sign language teacher turns into a backseat gamer.

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Wait til Duck Hunt Dog shows up...

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The proper way to play Angry Birds

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Reptiles are the target demographic for this game, right?

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Chinchilla? More like, Chin-fun killer.

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When in doubt, lick the screen!

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Fruit Ninja plays to cats' strengths: tearing shit apart and making a mess

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Dogs share the same strengths

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Samus Aran and kittens have multiple lives

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Finally, dogs can exact their revenge on water

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Old school gamer

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