via Elisabeth Waldon

Thor actor Tom Hiddleston may actually be a trickster god in real life - the sometimes-Loki actor went to the Wheatland Music Festival with a low profile so he could stealthily perform the Hank Williams song "Move It On Over" in preparation for a Hank Williams biopic he's due to star in (we're assuming Hank Williams is the other brother of Thor, and has some nasty plans for the Avengers).

Of course, the internet could not allow him to go in unnoticed, and word quickly spread about his appearance. Regrettably, the best video of the performance was filmed in portrait mode. C'mon people - turn your phone sideways when you're taking video! It's not hard, folks.

Anyways, here's Loki doin' some ol' timey country music:


For those of you curious to know how similar sounding he is to Mr. Hank "Not Loki" Williams, here you go: