20 years ago today, F*R*I*E*N*D*S debuted on NBC. Everyone's celebrating the seminal show about being friends by putting together exhaustive lists of the best episodes - including Gawker and BuzzFeed. But these lists left off many of our favorites, so we decided to do one too. Here are the top 100 episodes of F*R*I*E*N*D*S.


100. The One With The Coffee

99. The One Where Joey Pukes

98. The One With The Dead Homeless Guy In Ross' Apartment That Is Never Explained

97. The One Where Monica Dies and Goes To Hell

96. The One With The Balloon Ride

95. The One With All The Blood Everywhere, Oh God No, RosS WhHAT HAVE YOU DONE

94. The One With The Nun Who Won't Stop Weeping For The Whole Episode

93. The One Where Ross Eats A Live Monkey While Everyone Screams and Cries

92. The One With The Cool Uncle

91. The One Where Chandler Straight Up Shits His Pants, Pretty Sure It Wasn't Even In the Script


90. The One With the Wedding

89. The One Where Ugly Naked Guy Gets Really Offended By That Nickname

88. The One Where Everyone Gets Mercury Poisoning

87. The One With Phoebe

86. The One With Brad Pitt Mouthing "Angelina Jolie" Over and Over In the Background of Every Scene

85. The One That's Actually Just a Rerun of Seinfeld

84. The One With the Soup Nazi Oh Wait Another Seinfeld Rerun

83. The One Where Rachel Smiles

82. The One With The Friends

81. The One Without The Friends (also known as the "still shot of the main apartment set" episode)


80. The One With All the Fucked Up Shit

79. The One Where Monica Tries To Sacrifice a Lamb To Cthulhu

78. The One Where a Lamb Tries To Sacrifice Monica To Chandhulhu

77. The One With the Human Centipede

76. The One Where Monica Wears A Fatsuit

75. The One Where Monica Wears A Skinsuit, Like The Bad Guy From Silence of The Lambs

74. The One Where Ross Eats His Own Feces and Howls Like a Feral Animal

73. The One Without The Coffee

72. The One Where Joey Says "How You Doin'?" And Everyone Responds "We're Doing Okay" And That's It

71. The One Where Chandler Says Something Sarcastic and Ross Responds By Trying To Claw His Face Off


70. The One With All The Vomit

69. The One With The One (guest-star Jet Li)

68. The One With The Jokes

67. The One Where Ross and Rachel Were On A Brakepad

66. The One Where Ross and Monica's Parents Are Played By Cardboard Cut-Outs of Hulk Hogan

65. The One Where the Cast Just Sits There Counting Money

64. The One Where Wilson Gives Tim Advice About Marriage

63. The One With Joey's Hepatitis Diagnosis

62. The One Where Janice Transforms Into A Crow And Flies Away

61. We Broke The Episode Naming Convention With This One Because Ross Used The Original Script To Sop Up A Bunch of Pus and Blood From a Raccoon He Stabbed And The Writers Were All Like, "Fuck This"


60. The One With The Carnival of the Damned

59. The One Where Joey Reads The First 40 Pages of a Goosebumps Book Aloud

58. The One Where The Lights Are Out and Everyone Is Silent

57. The One With The Rapture

56. The One With The Decaying Corpse In Ross' Apartment

55. The One With The Funny Trivia Game

54. The One Where Ross Eats His Dad

53. The One With A Lot Of Blood, But Not As Much As You'd Probably Think

52. The One Where Tom Selleck Beats the Blonde Guy From the Coffee Shop To Death With His Bare Fists

51. The One With 9/11


50. The One Where No One Dies

49. The One Where Chandler Can't Stop Sweating

48. The One With The Crucifixion


46. The One Where Ross Is About To Get Married But He Accidentally Says "Take Thee Beetlejuice"

45. The One Where Frasier Okay Guys This Is Clearly Just An Episode of 'Frasier' Who Is In Charge Here

44. The One With The Failed Exorcism

43. The One That Never Ends, This Episode Is Still Airing, Why Won't It End

42. The One Where Chandler Sucks His Own Dick

41. The One With Hitler


40. The One Where Joey Eats A Sandwich

39. The One Where Joey Pukes Up More Sandwiches Than Anyone Could Have Possibly Eaten

38. The One Where Everyone Learns That Joey Has Never Pooped Once In His Life

37. The One Where Chandler Cuts A Hole In a Throw Pillow and Refers To It As His 'Waifu'

36. The One Where There's A Really Weird Smell Coming Out of Ross' Apartment

35. The One Where Rachel Escapes Her Television Prison And Murders The Viewers At Home

34. The One That Was Never Produced Nor Aired

33. The One With All The Bees

32. The One With A Detailed Explanation Of Pokemon EV Training

31. The One With The Unfinished Ti


30. The One Where Ross Hears Voices In His Head

29. The One With The Leather Pants That Ross Consumes In Order To Absorb Their Sexual Power

28. The One Where Chandler Drinks His Own Urine

27. The One Where Joey Has Sex With A Duck

26. The One Where Monica Gets Arrested In Connection With "The Quizno's Massacre"

25. The One That You Think Is A Rerun of Hannibal Or Something But Nope That's Just Ross Eating A Dude

24. The One With The Goofy Antics

23. The One Where Rachel Dates Hitler

22. Untitled Episode

21. The One Clearly Produced As Propoganda By North Korea


20. The One With The Canned Studio Audience Laughter

19. The One With The Canned Studio Audience Screaming

18. The One Where Monica Drowns a PA In Front Of Everyone, Why Won't Someone Stop Her

17. Holy Shit Did Monica Just Vomit Blood???

16. The One That Caused NBC To Be Fined $50 Million By The FCC For "Crimes Against Humanity"

15. The One Where Ross Fucks A Dinosaur Skeleton

14. The One With Joey's New Acting Gig As GODDAMMIT This Is Just The 'Lost In Space' Movie What The Hell

13. The One With the Carbon Monoxide Leak

12. The One Where Phoebe's Twin Falls Into a Bottomless Pit

11. The One Where Everyone Calls Joey "Matt LeBlanc"


10. The One That Sent All Those Kids Into Convulsive Seizures

9. The One With The Videotape

8. The One Where Ross Gnaws Off His Left Leg

7. The One Everyone Pretends Never Happened But We All Saw Monica Gut Joey With A Bowie Knife, Guys, Let's Not Beat Around The Bush Here

6. The One With The Stuff

5. The One With The Thing

4. The One Where Everyone Reads A List of Fake Episode Titles

3. The One Where Ross Invites a Homeless Guy Into His Apartment For A Hot Meal and a Warm Place To Sleep

2. The One Where Everyone Dies

1. The One Where They Drag A Couch To A Fountain In a Park And Start Frolicking Around Like Assholes For Some Reason