Youtuber iMAV3RIQ streams a lot of games - everything from Call of Duty to NBA 2K - but he recently decided to start putting up videos of him opening packs in Madden 15. Pro Packs are how you unlock new players - and can be purchased with an in-game currency that can be earned through gameplay, or bought outright. Mav realizes that the "best deal" is the $90 option (plus $5 tax). He even realizes what a questionable decision this is - and how angry his wife is gonna be. He even spends some time explaining how his wife will react to this and what the commenters might be able to do to soften the blow - yet he does it anyway.

She actually reacts pretty reasonably - most people would be A LOT angrier if their significant other had blown $100 ON TOP of a game that already cost $60 for what amounts to some RANDOM extra characters. Not only that - but this isn't the first time he's spent a bunch of money on random videogame items - they mention him spending $50 on Hearthstone not long ago.

Start at 4:45 to cut straight to the big confrontation: