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Well, this is the world we live in now - where elaborate, ill-conceived Let's Play experiences are broadcasted out on AND YET WE STILL WATCH. Because we never learn our lesson.

Luckily, this may be the most watchable yet - after the brief and somehow even MORE dull Twitch Plays Pokemon But With a Fish - people realized that a fish randomly swimming to different grids on a fishbowl were probably not going to be able to figure out complex sequence of actions required in RPGs. Fighting games though? The perfect fit.

And so here we are - two fish (Aquarius and Robert the Bruce) are indirectly battling it out through a Street Fighter II emulator. Since it began on August 18th, 2014, Aquarius has won 2 days and Robert has won 1 day. Theoretically, this could go on indefinitely (since it seems like they'll be leaving the stream up all the time, even when the fish sleep), although the "competitive hours" are the normal waking hours of 7:30am - 10:00pm.

So - watch the stream, thank the good lord there's not any kind of complex lore acting as a barrier to entry like with Twitch Plays Pokemon, and enjoy two fish fighting (even though neither one has any clue what's happening).